The Magnificent Field is an occasional vehicle for text practice and ritual.



jen tynes is responsible for keeping the space open.

Practice Makes Practice #1, Erika Howsare

Practice Makes Practice is a series of conversations and collaborations between writers. In each installment, one writer invites another to submit for attention a book they authored, a book they find interesting, and a practice that one or both writers should engage in while reading those books. In Installment #1, I talk with Erika Howsare about her forthcoming full-length book, How is Travel a Folded Form? (Saddle Road Press) and Kate Colby's I Mean (Ugly Duckling Presse). We also talk about a lot of other things. You can read our conversation in PDF form, or you can make a donation of your choice to The Magnificent Field and request a printed pamphlet copy! 

New chapbooks by Maryrose Larkin & James Yeary